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Ductless Systems

An Energy Efficient Alternative to Traditional Heating & Cooling


Mitsubishi ductless is an alternative to the traditional systems that most of us are familiar with. We are used to ductwork and the inconsistencies of some systems where rooms are hotter than others or rooms are so cold the heater never seems to touch them. The Mitsubishi ductless options solve these problems and many others.


Problems that can be solved with a Mitsubishi ductless system:


  • Inconsistent hot and cold rooms
  • High energy costs
  • Difficulty in heating additions or a solution for renovations
  • Homes or offices with no room for duct-work
  • Larger multi-zone living spaces


Mitsubishi ductless systems focus on the individual rooms versus the overall home temperatures. They are more energy efficient, more flexible and easier to install than a traditional central air system. This technology is newer and growing quickly in the United States, but it is not a new technology. These systems have been tested for decades in Europe, Asia and across the globe proving lasting success in the HVAC industry.



Innovative Professionals Focused on Improving Comfort & Efficiency


We have earned the special distinction of being a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. This title, along with the many benefits of the Mitsubishi ductless systems, offers one of the best warranties in the business. When we install a Mitsubishi ductless system in your home or office this will include a warranty for 12 years on parts and 12 years on the compressor.


This warranty is an important distinction yet it is not where the benefits of the Mitsubishi ductless systems begin. Mitsubishi ductless systems also include a variety of advanced features. One of these is the inverter-driven compressor technology. These compressors work much like the cruise control on your car. They will adjust the speed based upon the temperature needs of the room, which will reduce energy consumption because it is not starting and stopping like traditional systems. The cooling alone is up to 40% more efficient than standard systems.


Other advanced features include:


  • I-see sensors – small sensors that when installed to the trouble portions of your room, the ceiling or floor, will detect the ambient temperature in the room and adjust your heat or cooling accordingly to create the ideal environment.
  • Advanced heating technology – this specific heating element creates hot air from the start so there is no need to waste energy or create drafts when the heating element gets hot.
  • Improved air filtration – when you have multiple air filters throughout your home the air filtration greatly improves. Not only does it help to improve the air, but the filters with regular cleaning, will last up to 10 years, saving you money and keeping your family breathing clean air.
  • Quiet as a whisper – the Mitsubishi ductless units are extremely quiet. This technology has been measured to be quieter than a whisper – literally.


Mitsubishi Ductless can be used for single rooms, multiple rooms or larger living spaces. They can be installed as a wall unit, ceiling unit or a floor unit. If you are seeking an energy efficient heating and cooling solution for your home or office, a way to heat a new addition or renovation on your home, or are just ready for an upgrade to your current system, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors at Askwel Solutions and let us show you the possibilities when you go ductless.

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